Financial Reports

The Foundation works continually to ensure that all assets are invested with established portfolio targets and goals in mind.

We and our investment advisor, NEPC, review market activity in the Foundation’s investment accounts on a daily basis, as well as more detailed reviews on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Financial reports are also prepared every month, quarter and at the end of the year. Those reports are available below.

Monthly market results and analysis

The Foundation’s investment committee meets monthly to review the long and short-term investment results for each of the Foundation’s external fund managers and all investment funds offered to account holders. We also provide monthly reports (prepared by NEPC) to ministries and investors detailing portfolio performance, compared to market benchmarks, for each of our funds.

Quarterly performance reviews

NEPC also prepares reports each quarter analyzing the Foundation’s investment portfolio. The final report includes a more detailed analysis of the each fund, including top 10 holdings, holdings by sector, and measures like duration, average market cap and price-to-earnings ratio. 


Annual ministry report

Each year, the Foundation publishes a ministry report that includes a statement of financial position, as well highlights from both our gift planning work and the investment services we provide to LCMS ministries. 


Annual performance summary

The Foundation staff also meets annually with each of our external fund managers to review fund performance and adherence to investment guidelines. Each year we publish a detailed Annual Performance Summary. The Foundation Board of Trustees also reviews our Investment Policy Statement annually, modifying it as needed.


Additional reporting and accountability

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Review Our Investment Funds

We offer several pre-set fund options, with asset allocations that range from conservative to aggressive. Our options allow ministries to tailor their investment account program to meet their risk tolerance and their investment objectives.

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If you’re ready to get started and create a ministry fund, whether that's setting up an investment account, creating an endowment or setting up a separate foundation, we're here to help. Click below to set up a call with a member of our investment services team.

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Why Invest With Us

We bring the same resources and expertise as most commercial investment firms. Using NEPC as our investment advisor and 15 industry-leading fund managers, the Foundation stewards close to $1 billion in investments entrusted to us by nearly 500 LCMS ministries.

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