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Selecting the Right Type of Investment

Just as each ministry’s needs are unique, each ministry is different when it comes to their preferences for establishing and administering a ministry fund. The LCMS Foundation can help you select an approach that is right for your ministry.

There are four types of funds a ministry can create:

  • Investment accounts
  • Foundation-owned endowments
  • Ministry-owned endowments
  • Separate foundations
Continue reading below for more information about each option, or fill out the form near the bottom of this page to receive our workbook “Long-term Ministry Funding," which will walk your through the pros and cons of each type of investment.
Option 1:

Open an investment account

This option is simply investing ministry funds in one of the market funds offered by the LCMS Foundation. A new investment account with the Foundation can be opened with as little as $10,000 and by completing just two forms, our congregational agreement form and our investment account worksheet form. To request these forms, please contact us.

But before making your decision, you’ll want to review the funds we offer, weigh the pros and cons of each, determine your ministry’s expectations and evaluate your risk tolerance. More information about our funds can be found here, but we’d also welcome the opportunity to review your options in person or on a phone call. Fill out the form below to request a no-obligation meeting or call with a member of our investment services team.

Option 2:

Create an endowment

We often tell ministries that endowments aren't just for large universities. Any ministry that's interested in creating an additional, ongoing source of funding should consider creating and growing an endowment. And, having a well-managed endowment often helps potential donors feel more comfortable making large gifts to your organization.

Chris Nelson, Executive Director of NEW Lutheran High School
discusses how an endowment has helped their school.

Still, there are a number of decisions a congregation or ministry organization needs to make before establishing an endowment. Our endowment preparation checklist walks you through most of those decisions and should provide your organization with greater clarity about how your endowment will be structured as well as its purpose and goals.

Creating an endowment is a big responsibility, but you don’t have to shoulder it alone. As a ministry of the LCMS, the Foundation exists to be your expert guide in these matters. Fill out the form below to request a no-obligation meeting or call with a member of our investment services team.



Option 3:

Establish a separate foundation

Setting up a separate foundation is often a good option for ministries that want to establish an entirely separate entity to receive gifts and decide how those gifts are stewarded and used. In short, a separate foundation allows the governance of gifts to be kept apart from your ministry.

The reasons for establishing a separate foundation, versus the other options listed above, should be explored carefully to ensure it's necessary and worth the additional cost and administration it will require. For example, because of the complexity of establishing and maintaining a separate foundation, most ministries will need to enlist competent tax and legal advisors with specific experience in creating and operating foundations.



Choosing the right investment for your ministry

Our workbook “Long-term Ministry Funding” can walk you through the pros and cons of each type of investment and help identify what approach might fit your ministries needs best. To have a copy of the workbook emailed to you, or to have a printed copy mailed to you, please fill out the form below. 

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Review Our Investment Funds

We offer several pre-set fund options, with asset allocations that range from conservative to aggressive. Our options allow ministries to tailor their investment account program to meet their risk tolerance and their investment objectives.

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Compare Our Performance

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How to Grow an Endowment

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