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Privacy Policy

At the LCMS Foundation, we do our best to honor the privacy of our internet visitors. We do not collect personal information such as names, addresses, zip codes, etc., from individuals or congregations. Your e-mail address, if you share it voluntarily, is on a secure file so that you can be notified about how to help your ministry in special needs or in the case of a disaster or other emergency.

Examples of giving your information voluntarily would be if you request information or make a gift. This information will be used only by LCMS organizations and boards. LCMS lists are never sold to third parties. Whenever possible, the LCMS will consider the level of contact desired by our visitors and respond according to their wishes.

Note to parents on our privacy policy: The LCMS welcomes children to learn more about the Foundation and its mission and ministry. However, we recommend that this only be done with the parents’ knowledge and/or supervision. Please contact the LCMS Foundation to learn more.

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Investment Services for Ministries

We provide congregations, schools, RSOs, seminaries and universities with the expertise to invest their assets in a variety of market funds. With vision, these funds can provide long-term stability, helping fund your ministry for generations to come. 

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My Ministry Should Start Gift Planning

Starting a gift plan program for your ministry can be simple. We have partnerships with dozens of LCMS congregations, schools, ministries and even our seminaries. If you think your congregation or ministry should have a program in place, we’re happy to talk with your pastor or ministry leaders.

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Work for the LCMS Foundation

If you're interested in serving LCMS members and ministries professionally, the LCMS Foundation is a great place to work. In addition to the rewards of working to support the Church, the LCMS Foundation has been listed as one of the best places to work in St. Louis. 

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Contact Us

How can we help you today? If you're a current donor, account holder or investor with a question, or if you're new to the LCMS Foundation and would like more information, we'd love to hear from you. Please use the "I have a question or comment about" drop-down field below to get your comment to the correct person or department faster.