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Peace of Mind

Having a gift plan provides numerous benefits beyond the obvious ways it will provide to your heirs in the future. It’s tremendously comforting to know that, once you’re called home to Heaven, your assets, including gifts you hope to provide to ministry, will be distributed in exact accordance with your wishes. By creating a gift plan for the future, you’ll create peace of mind today.

Did you know that the best intentions detailed in a will can be overruled if your retirement accounts or life insurance policies have beneficiary designations that differ than what’s listed in your will? Learn more about the differences between gift plans and having a will (and how they work best in tandem), on our FAQ page.


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Making the most of your gifts

The gift planning landscape can be complex, and unexpected taxes can reduce what you’re able to leave to your heirs or give to charity. With a well-designed gift plan, you may be able to reduce the tax bill on your estate and accomplish more with your assets. With more than 60 years of experience helping LCMS members with gift planning, we know how to help you avoid unnecessary taxes so you can leave more to your family and to the ministries you hold dear.

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A gift to the future

There’s no better way to assure the future of your faith than through gift planning. Thanks to your foresight, your congregation, your local LCMS school, or perhaps one of our seminaries or Concordia universities could have more funds to continue their mission.

Gifts you detail in a gift plan benefit the ministry of your choice directly. It’s your way to help ensure those ministries have the resources they need for generations to come.

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Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

2 Corinthians 9:6


A Simple, Straightforward Process

Our straightforward process begins with discussing what’s important to you. Then, with our knowledge and expertise, we'll help you establish goals, take full advantage of tax benefits, and thoughtfully provide for and your family and your faith, even after you've left this Earth.

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Everyone is Eligible

Many wonder if they have “enough” to create a gift plan. The answer is always yes. All people possess God’s gifts, and even the humblest gifts can make a positive impact. And regardless of the gifts you wish to share, our counselors will work with you, at no charge. Learn more in our FAQ section..

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Options to Structure Your Gift Plan

Just as everyone has different goals and needs, we offer a variety of different options to structure your gift plan. Each option has its respective strengths and variables, and each can be of benefit to someone if applied thoughtfully, and with guidance.

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