Please review our Investment Services booklet. The booklet provides the LCMS Foundation’s investment objectives, portfolio options, and risk and return characteristics.




Foundation Fund Summary Final 20 – Quarter 3
Foundation Fund Summary Final 20 – Quarter 2
Foundation Fund Summary Final 20 – Quarter 1
Foundation Fund Summary Final 19 – Quarter 4
Foundation Fund Summary Final 19 – Quarter 3

NEPC, the Foundation’s Investment Advisor, prepares two reports each quarter analyzing the Foundation’s investment portfolio.  The Preliminary report summarizes market performance and portfolio returns and holdings, and is available several weeks after quarter-end.  The Final report is available several weeks later, and includes everything in the Preliminary report, plus a much more detailed analysis of the each fund, including top 10 holdings, holdings by sector, and measures like duration, average market cap, and price-to-earnings ratio. The Preliminary report is immediately substituted with the Final when it is available.


2017 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report

The Foundation embraces its role of serving the church to make it stronger today, tomorrow and forever. By managing assets collectively for the church, the Foundation is able to allow LCMS ministries access to a sophisticated, diversified investment model at a low cost. A new investment account with the LCMS Foundation can be opened with as little as $5,000. The Foundation uses both separately managed accounts and commingled funds in its investment portfolios. As part of its fiduciary responsibility, the Foundation imposes investment restrictions on managers of separately managed accounts and closely monitors the investment practices of managers of commingled funds. Rebalancing of investment strategies will be  undertaken as needed to ensure the optimal investment structure is maintained despite market shifts. The Foundation works continually to ensure that its assets are invested in conformity with established portfolio targets, and to ensure that portfolio return goals are being met. The Foundation and its partners perform ongoing monitoring of its investment portfolio.