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Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is a growing topic in the investment industry. It refers to the choices that investors make related to companies they will or will not invest in based on those companies' impact on society. 

The Foundation's approach to socially responsible Investing

As a result of the generosity of thousands of donors, and the confidence of hundreds of ministry leaders, the LCMS Foundation is entrusted with over $1 billion in assets to manage on behalf of LCMS donors and ministries. We seek to achieve good long-term, risk-adjusted returns to benefit God's Kingdom, while at the same time, incorporating SRI factors when we can do so responsibly. 

The Foundation has a carefully developed investment policy statement that addresses all aspects of our investment approach, including socially responsible investing. This policy statement is formally approved by the LCMS Board of Trustees, with much input from the board investment committee and our investment advisor, NEPC. This policy is reviewed and updated at least annually, and it serves as the guidance for how the Foundation's investment portfolios are structured. 

One aspect of the Foundation's approach to socially responsible investing comes in identifying companies that cannot be part of the Foundation's portfolio because of their activities or policies. The LCMS Foundation utilizes two screens in its investment policy statement: prohibiting investment in companies which make products used in abortions, and prohibiting investment in companies who foster racial discrimination. 

The LCMS Foundation uses 14 best-in-class fund managers to invest on our behalf, and so a second aspect of our approach to socially responsible investing is how we select these managers to place our investments. A majority of fund managers include consideration of a firm's SRI characteristics (including environmental, social, and governance activity) as one of a number of factors that go into their valuation models when making investment decisions. In many cases, these factors have a correlation as an indicator of future economic success. 

If you would like to learn more about the LCMS Foundation's investment program, or about our approach to socially responsible investing, please contact Mark Cannon, Chief Financial Officer. 

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