Gift Planning Calculators

There are ways to begin determining how your investments can benefit you, your family, and the congregation and other ministries you love. Our gift planning calculators can provide you with illustrations of how your gift will benefit you and others:

Gift Annuity

Benefit from attractive fixed payouts that are partially tax free. Receive a charitable tax deduction on the amount of the original gift.

Annuity Trust

Receive fixed payments with tax free sale plus charitable tax deduction.

Deferred Gift Annuity

Benefit from fixed payouts beginning at a date of your choosing more than one year after the gift.

Part Gift and Part Sale

Enjoy substantial cash and save 50%, 70% or even 100% of tax on gain.

Sale and Unitrust

Receive cash plus increased income from trust! Charitable tax deduction reduces tax on gain.


Enjoy increased income with tax free sale plus charitable tax deduction.