Our Philosophy

  • Long-term: Investment objectives are achieved through prudent risk management.
  • No market timing: It is very difficult to time market cycles. Investment strategies will predominantly focus on processes which do not incorporate market-timing activity.
  • Reversion to mean: Capital markets are mean reverting over long periods. Investment strategies will be long term in nature.
  • Active and passive: Some markets are efficient while others are less so or inefficient. Investment strategies will reflect a mix of active and passive investments.
  • Manage costs: Costs have a meaningful impact on returns. Investment strategies will favor cost effective approaches.
  • Asset allocation: The most significant impact on investment results. The Foundation will focus the majority of its efforts on the development and maintenance of asset allocation strategies, which will optimally fulfill investment objectives.
  • Fundamentals: Valuation and analysis based upon fundamentals generally produce superior return/risk results.
  • Performance: The diversity of the Foundation’s clients calls for product offerings that favor consistent performance relative to market benchmarks.

The Foundation uses both separately managed accounts and commingled funds in its investment portfolios. As part of its fiduciary responsibility, the Foundation imposes investment restrictions on managers of separately managed accounts and closely monitors the investment practices of managers of commingled funds. Rebalancing of investment strategies will be undertaken as needed to ensure the optimal investment structure is maintained despite market shifts.

With the assistance of our investment advisors the Foundation has established a variety of investment options in order to meet the specific investing needs of a wide range of clients.