Invest with the Foundation

The LCMS Foundation has many resources and consulting opportunities for ministry organizations.  The Foundation was chartered as a companion to all LCMS ministries and congregations. We have more than fifty years of experience with supporting ministry leaders in their efforts to build up treasures dedicated to serving the Lord. Congregations, schools, recognized service organizations and other ministries invest with the Foundation because of our financial expertise and focus on supporting the ministry of the LCMS.

Endowment funds and investment funds are professionally managed under the same Foundation program. Organizations may describe their investment fund using different names, such as endowment, memorial, scholarship, etc., to reflect the governance or purpose of the fund. Each fund is governed by policy and managed within a framework to fulfill the intentions of the organization.

The LCMS Foundation staff has developed a rigorous process to establish or review, promote, grow and manage investment funds. The LCMS Foundation works with LCMS entities to design the fund. Promotional materials and resources are available to announce, explain and grow the funds.

The LCMS Foundation is an independent corporation, chartered in the state of Missouri in 1958. The Foundation is governed by a 12 member Board of Trustees, who are LCMS leaders from around the country. Board members can serve up to four three-year terms. The Foundation’s financial statements are audited annually. We also have external reviews of our monthly fund pricing process to document and verify its accuracy.

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