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Establishing an investment account with the Foundation provides you with access to world-class investment expertise in a low-cost model, all through fellow LCMS members who understand ministry and are dedicated to helping you grow resources to support your work.

Here are the typical steps to establishing an account:

1. Determine your goals for the investment. Your organization may desire:

  • Preservation of capital
  • Income
  • Income and growth
  • Growth with some income
  • Long term growth

2. Review the LCMS Foundation Investment Services booklet  on-line. For a printed version please request that copies be sent to you by sending an email to Ralph Simon or call him at 314-996-1056. Please download our Endowment Preparations Checklist to help organize the fund’s purpose and objectives. You may also find our Investment Program Frequently Asked Questions to be helpful.  You may also review the Long-term Ministry Funding informational booklet (please request printed copies).

3. Consider which of the Foundation’s investment options best align the risk/reward characteristics with the goals and expectations of your congregation or ministry organization. Our five Standard Funds are specifically designed to maintain a particular asset allocation ratio and are rebalanced at the end of every month. Ralph is available to answer any questions you may have about this.

4. To open an account (minimum $5,000), just a couple forms are needed. Download and fill in both forms, then contact our Trust Administration department (800-325-7912) to establish the fund. For large fund transfers, please consider utilizing dollar cost averaging by incrementally transferring the fund over several months.

5. Once your account is established, a LCMS Foundation Trust Administrator will be assigned to your account to assist with any service needs. This person is dedicated to serving you specifically and is always available to answer questions and provide assistance and review of your account details.

When you are ready to help your organization discover God’s plan for them, contact us:

Ralph Simon
Ralph Simon
, Vice-President

Mark Cannon
Mark Cannon
, Chief Financial Officer