Become a champion for your ministry's financial future

May 16, 2024 | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM CDT

St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN


What could you do today to ensure your ministry is still thriving in 100 years? Become a "gift planning advocate" for your ministry! Join us in Minneapolis for a free, one-day workshop, open to all LCMS ministry leaders. Along with your peers, you'll learn the importance of gift planning (legacy gifts from estates, gifts from non-cash assets, endowments, and more), as well as the value of starting or growing an endowment at your ministry. By the end of the training, you'll understand how gift planning can lead to long-term benefits for your ministry and its financial future.


Learn more about the training event

What is an Advocate Training Event?

Advocate training is a one-day, face-to-face workshop that helps ministry leaders understand the value of gift planning and endowment development.

Ministry leaders will learn how they can promote gift planning in their ministry, steward gifts as they are created, and partner with the LCMS Foundation to help their donors create and finalize their gift plans.

Who should attend?

Advocate training events are open to any ministry or congregational leader. Participants include, but are not limited to: 

  • Pastors
  • Principals
  • Congregational Lay Leaders
  • Congregational Executive Staff
  • Ministry/RSO/School Executive Staff
  • Small-to-mid-size Ministry/RSP/School Development Staff
  • District Executive Staff/Development Staff
  • College/Seminary Executive/Development Staff

What will be covered in the training?

Broad topics covered include:

  • Biblical approaches to stewardship, endowments and gift planning
  • How to prepare to start or grow a gift planning program
  • Presenting and marketing gift planning within your ministry
  • The LCMS Foundation's "Lifetime Plan for Giving" process
  • How to qualify prospective donors and when to refer them to the LCMS Foundation
  • Stewarding donors over the long-term, including starting or building a legacy society

The workshop is intended to be practical, hands-on, and interactive. Attendees will be familiarized with the Foundation and how we partner with ministries. They will also learn how to present and promote the Foundation's gift planning services in their ministry, practice what to listen for when qualifying donors, and receive a basic overview of the gift planning strategies and financial instruments the Foundation offers.

What happens after the training?

After the training workshop, the advocates will receive a Gift Planning 101 digital kit that contains the materials they will need to start or continue an LCMS Foundation gift planning referral program in their congregation/ministry/RSO/school. They will also receive ongoing coaching support from the Foundation and their local gift planning counselor, and they will be invited to attend regular webinars or other online gatherings to receive updates and further education.  

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