Is an Investment Fund or Endowment Right for Your School?

The LCMS Foundation can help your school use the same power of long-term investing that colleges and universities use to fund scholarships and other expenses.

If your school has cash reserves in a bank account, or perhaps you’ve received a large donation, those funds could be invested in the market and used to create a perpetual source of revenue. That revenue could fund scholarships year-after-year, or help pay for whatever your school needs to fulfill its mission of providing a quality Lutheran education.

Getting started can feel daunting, but we've helped hundreds of LCMS ministries, including universities, seminaries, congregations, elementary schools and high schools take this important step.

To help get you started, our Long-Term Ministry Funding booklet is a great resource! It walks through your options and the respective strengths of each.

Download a copy of the booklet by filling out the form on this page.

Download our Long-Term Ministry Funding booklet.