Create an investment plan to strengthen your congregation.

Is now a good time to invest? Has your congregation received a significant gift, such as a bequest from a member's will or a donation from a supporter? Or does your ministry have funds in the bank that aren't keeping pace with inflation? We can help you answer these questions and create, manage, and grow sources of long-term funding for your congregation. 

Who we are

The LCMS Foundation was created to provide sound, well informed investment services to LCMS congregations like yours. We've helped countless congregations successfully plan for their financial future. With access to world-class investment advisors and fund managers we can help you establish an investment portfolio for your church with clearly established benchmarks, ongoing monitoring and a risk and return strategy that aligns with your ministry’s goals and preferences.

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If your congregation is exploring setting up an endowment or investing funds in the market, we can help you decide how to proceed. Our Long-Term Ministry Funding booklet can walk you through the types of investment approaches and the pros and cons of each. To download a copy of the booklet, please fill out the form on this page.

Get a booklet to help determine what type of investments would work best for your congregation.

If you'd like to discuss these options or have any questions you can also reach out to Ralph Simon, our Vice President of Investment Services.