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The Foundation is the only LCMS organization that offers you comprehensive charitable expertise and resources to help you plan and direct your passion for giving to family and all ministries today, tomorrow and forever.

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Gifts Today

Support the ministry of the church

Gifts Today are direct gifts which support ministry efforts immediately. 184,740 direct gifts totaling $42,425,009 were received through the Foundation for LCMS congregations, districts, colleges, seminaries, national ministries and other missions.

Giving is easy. Call (800) 325-7912 to give a gift by phone.

Gifts Tomorrow

Planning For the Future

Gifts Tomorrow are planned gifts that benefit ministries in the future.

In FY2010, the LCMS Foundation distributed 4,082 matured charitable gifts totaling $17,804,872. The combined total of $60,229,881 in direct and matured gifts was distributed to 579 ministries of the church. Another 1,202 gifts totaling $76,325,143 were received as planned gifts that will be distributed as the charitable instruments mature in future years.

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Gifts Forever

A LEGACY THat matters

Gifts Forever are endowed gifts that produce ongoing support for ministry.

In 2009-2010, assets under management at the Foundation showed substantial increases in value. The investment program overseen by the Foundation’s board of trustees, with the help of its investment counsel Wilshire Associates, demonstrated the consistent performance for which it has been designed.

View our 2011 annual report to learn more.

Bountiful Blessing

After being transferred to a refugee camp in Germany, Edie married a young GI and started a new life in America. Two sons later, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given a 50% chance to live through the surgery.

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Winning Three Ways

"Many seminarians are second career and need our help to support their families while in school," Ron adds, "and our missionaries always need more support."

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Preparing for the future

The Boettchers, all farm families except for Lavina, a nurse, work hard to make a living in this rugged country. On Sundays, most of the Boettcher family - Grandma Mary, brothers, sisters, grandchildren - goes to church at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Spencer.

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Memories into Blessings

The president of Concordia College received a surprising letter. The writer asked about Charitable Remainder Unitrust and stated that he wanted to make a gift "as a late 'thank you' for the many blessings I have enjoyed at least partly due to the education and the training I received at Concordia."

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A Gift for the Lord's Work

"Only our Lord knows how many souls will be touched by Clarence's wonderful act of stewardship."

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From Coffee Cake to Trust...

My mother was a good German cook. She loved the Lord and she loved to bake coffee cake. Little did she know that her coffee cake, many years later, would be the source for a Trust at Calvary Lutheran Church.

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The Harvest is Ready

As the combines roll across the golden fields of corn we are reminded that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Erik and Joyce Radke hope their story will in some way inspire others to support the work of the Lord through Christian estate planning.

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Leaving A Legacy of Love

...Even in death, his work continues through the legacy he left for his family and for his Lord.

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A Two-Fold Gift of Love

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength" (Deut. 6:5). For Dr. Mark and Sue Schulz of Hartley, these words are more than just a favorite Bible verse. They are a way of life.

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A Vision of Future Blessings

Are we sometimes blinded to the opportunities we have to share God's Word? The world is waiting to hear the message of the Gospel and God is calling us to work in the fields today.

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Spreading the Word

A spry 90, Ted enjoys making gifts to his favorite ministries, knowing that each will receive the residual of his gift annuities after he is called home to be with the Lord.

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