LCMS Foundation Grants

John and Harriet Wiebe were passionate people. They were passionate about their family, community, country, business interests and many other things. First and foremost, however, each had a lifelong passion for Jesus Christ. Each was brought to faith in Jesus through baptism and by his grace remained faithful to him and the message of forgiveness of sins and eternal life until the day the Lord himself welcomed them into heaven. For Harriet that day came in 2006 and for John in 2009.

During their lives the Lord blessed John and Harriett with substantial business success. John’s company was instrumental in the development of many commercial properties in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, and their business interests also extended to many parts of the globe. With that success came significant financial blessings for both the company and for the Wiebes themselves.

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At John’s death, the Wiebe’s made a significant gift to the Foundation along with the encouragement for the Foundation to continue supporting LCMS ministry. The Foundation established the “John and Harriet Wiebe Mission Advancement Fund,” and initially made gifts to those congregations the Wiebes directly supported while living.

For a number of years the Foundation provided annual grants from the Wiebe Fund to congregations and ministry organizations providing ministry in areas the Wiebe’s supported: Mission outreach, church planting, and children’s ministry.

The Foundation is now in partnership with the Office of National Mission to provide additional capacity to the Domestic Grant Program (DGP). The income from the Wiebe Fund will allow the annual DGP to provide more grants across a broader number of LCMS ministries.

If your organization was a past recipient of the Wiebe Fund, we encourage you to proceed to the DGP website and begin the application process when it is available. Contact the Office of National Mission if you have any questions or concerns. The Foundation is not receiving any applications or providing any direct grants from the Wiebe Fund at this time.